The project's main aim is to provide teacher educators and teacher with materials and teaching modules that allow them to adequately address the needs of their classes in terms of multicultural and language aspects in the teaching and learning of mathematics.
This is particularly important for (but not restricted to) students from minority cultures (such as roma pupils) and students with a migrant background.

The project materials should

  • raise the awareness of teachers and students to the importance of culture and language in teaching/learning process, as well as in practical use in modules in the classroom
  • have a positive effect on the teachers' attitude towards cultural differences
  • be used to support the work of the teacher in the classroom - and not only in classrooms with minority or migrant students, but in all classrooms.

The project main educational objectives are

  • to show great attention to the language used
  • to give proposals for didactic units for the mathematics classroom
  • to facilitate interdisciplinary extensions and cultures
  • to make all pupils more interested and motivated to learn mathematics
  • to facilitate the appreciation of the positive aspects of different cultures
  • to create favourable conditions for intercultural dialogue in the classroom
  • to create an inclusive educational setting